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Get Involved

At its core, Aggie House is an organization for students, by students. We rely on student volunteers to help operate and maintain our shelter. However, we would not be able to run as smoothly without the help of our community and support from organizations both on campus and beyond.

Why Volunteer With Us?

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Your Role

Our volunteers help the shelter run by doing a certain amount of on-site shifts and completing day-to-day tasks. Our volunteers tend to do 2-3 overnight shifts with a co-volunteer a quarter. During a usual shift, volunteers will cook a pre-planned meal from our Materials Directors and do a quick chore.

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What You Will Gain

Being a volunteer at Aggie House means you will gain extensive leadership/team collaboration skills, have a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in non-profit work, and become an advocate for housing rights.

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We strive as an organization to create a friendly and inclusive environment for all our residents and student volunteers. We regularly host socials for our residents and student volunteers, including, but not limited to, hikes, Friendsgivings, barbecues, and painting sessions.

Volunteer Interest Form

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