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Donate Today!

You can make a difference in the lives of students right now! By donating, you help ensure Aggie House can provide housing, food, basic needs, and a community for our residents and dedicated student volunteers.

Recurring/Tax Deductible Donations

To set up monthly or yearly donations, fill out the donation form below. The donation will go to our fiscal sponsor, Student MOJO. Make sure to mention Aggie House in the comment section of the form down below. To learn more about Student MOJO, check out the 'Our Parent Organization' tab under 'About Us'. Donations made to Student MOJO will be tax deductible. For donations larger than $300, contact us directly, and we will get you in contact with a representative from Student MOJO.

Where will my donation go?

100% of our donations will go toward helping students facing homelessness or housing insecurity.


Your donations will go toward purchasing more nutritious food to empower our students through a long day of academic studies and work. Your donations will ensure our residents have breakfast items and a home-cooked meal every night during the quarter.


Your donations will go toward purchasing more cleaning and basic needs supplies to ensure our residents' and volunteers' safety and hygiene. Your donations will ensure our shelter is fully stocked with the items our residents require.

Transitional Funds

Your donations will go to helping residents finance their transition into more permanent housing. Transitional funds tend to go toward residents getting furniture, security deposits, and other miscellaneous items. 


The rent for the townhouse we operate in is our most significant expense. Fortunately, through a combination of community and campus grants, we are able to afford the $56,000 per year rent. We hope to one day have a house of our own.

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